Charged By Delta-Q: Battery Compatibility Program

Inventus Power is a member of the 'Charged By Delta-Q' Battery Compatibility Program. This is a referral program developed by Delta-Q Technologies to provide OEMs an easy way to recognize which battery companies are compatible with their chargers.

Since 2017, Inventus Power has been working in collaboration with Delta-Q and jointly guiding original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through the battery electrification process in markets such as material handling, aerial work platform, professional cleaning, low-speed electric vehicle, and more. Together, we’ve been able to provide OEMs with high-quality, high-performance lithium-ion battery & charging solutions that are optimized for the application and operate harmoniously as a system. 

While our partnership with Delta-Q is not exclusive, being part of the 'Charged by Delta-Q' battery compatibility program provides Inventus Power's customers with some validated charger options for our batteries, such as the PROTRXion & U1LiFePRO Series. In turn, Delta-Q's customers will learn that Inventus Power is a recommended manufacturer of safe, reliable, and intelligent Li-ion battery solutions. Any Inventus Power battery that has been iteratively tested and validated by Delta-Q’s team of engineers is authorized to feature the "Charged by Delta-Q” logo.

Charged by Delta-Q Compatible:
Our battery product has been proven and validated through a series of tests to be compatible with Delta-Q chargers

Charged by Delta-Q Optimized:
Specific algorithms were developed between Inventus Power and Delta-Q to maximize the output and performance of our battery

For more information about which Delta-Q chargers have been tested and validated with our batteries, please contact us!